From Promise to Manifestation Limited Edition

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Limited Edition Journal From Promise to Manifestation Spiral Notebook
Get your very own Journal for 2019
1. Write down the vision
2. Set your goals
3. Trust the process
Kingdom Culture Couture was birthed right after a powerful message my Pastor Kenyatta Mcleish preached on, "From the promise to Manifestation".
This message is a apart of his T-Shirt Line Kenyatta Mcleish Collection.
During the most difficult time in my life-battling with Cancer while pregnant with my youngest, going to school and earning my degree in Health Science, and gone through a divorce to now being a single mother. I had no idea that the Lord was preparing me to start a business and to now share my story through very own Clothing Line and also giving me the opportunity to travel to my homeland which is in Jamaica to Empower someone and to let them know that they can use pain to birth purpose and to help them realize that there is ministry beyond the pulpit.
I'm a living testimony of being an Over comer and a Giant in the spirit by beating Cancer with a mind up mind and believing God for my healing and I'm here to encourage you that you too can Slay like David did Goliath. Don't sit on your calling, your goals, the very thing that you are passionate about-Do not put that business idea on hold because of what your going through or should I say you don't see a way to get it done.
Its time to shift your mind set and start writing allow your story, your struggles, your pain, your passion, your goals and your dreams to catapult you into greater. Move in silence and execute you will not regret it. The Lord gave us all gifts, visions, dreams utilize it.